Ninety Two Retro

DJ Smokey Joe > The Crimewatch Project EP



  • 01

    Kiss My Neck

    The Crimewatch Project

  • 02


    The Crimewatch Project

  • 03

    Friday Night Style

    The Crimewatch Project

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DJ Smokey Joe / The Crimewatch Project

Finally this classic EP is being repressed, this release has been on most people wants list for a long time.
It was never fully released back in the day and it was a white label promo only release.
This repress will be a vinyl restore as there was no DAT for this release, it was pressed up directly through the gear used to make the EP.

Ninety Two Retro was started in july of 2006 by Elusive.
Repressing classic hardcore tracks from 1991-1993.


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